Mrs. Pratima Singh


As I walk through the portals of this institution, I am captivated by the enthusiasm of our students, the expertise of our staff and the uniqueness of what we, as a school, offer our community

From a modest beginning in 2011, our school has now grown into a fully integrated institution where citizens of tomorrow. study under the care of trained and devoted teachers, As a result of this they become worthy citizens of the world The present age is undergoing a metamorphosis in values and in mindsets. Gone are the days of stereotyped notions and values. The child of today is busy in exploring and would rather experience than follow blindly. Our objective is to offer a diverse academic curriculum, wide array of extra-curricular activities and to continually strive to enhance our student's strength.

Not only did we make tremendous academic strides in past years, but we also achieved significant athletic excellence. Clearly, our people are accepting the challenge to excel in all areas of school life and we plan to keep doing our best in serving the society by nourishing great minds